Must See DVD of the Week: Vertigo

This week’s Must See DVD of the week is inspired by yet another box set.  Alfred Hitchcock has recently been portrayed in two different instances: The HBO film The Girl and the theatrical release, Hitchcock.  Additionally, a 15 film Blu-Ray box set has been released to celebrate the brilliant, but eccentric, genius.  One film that is a must from this set is 1958’s Vertigo.  Originally panned by critics, this film has become known as Hitchcock’s masterpiece.  In it, Jimmy Stewart plays John, or is it Scotty, or is it Johnny-O?  Regardless, Stewart plays a private investigator who retires after his fear of heights gets a police man killed.  An old college friend later hires him to spy on his wife (Kim Novak) to discover why she’s been acting so strangely.  What follows is a series of twists and turns that are classic Hitchcock.  The film is haunting and a true cinematic gem.

Netflix Must Stream of the Week: Out of Sight

There was a time when Jennifer Lopez showed potential to be something more than a disposable pop diva.  Out of Sight is, perhaps, Steven Soderbergh’s greatest film, and it stars Jennifer Lopez as a federal marshal who gets wound up with a bank robber played by George Clooney.  This is a sly, smooth caper flick with humor, action, and excitement.  Both Clooney and Soderbergeh are on top of their game, along with several well-known, and often uncredited, supporting characters.  Adapted from an Elmore Leonard novel, Out of Sight is a lot of fun.  It’s even more fun if you live in Michigan, as much of the film is set there.