Today is a special Tuesday edition of the Weekly DISCussion, even though The Weekly DISCussion has been posted on three different days in the last three weeks.

Anyway, this week’s Must See DVD of the Week is: Image

After posting last week’s Must Stream of the Week, Out of Sight, I was reminded of another film written and directed by the same screenwriter, 2007’sThe Lookout. The Lookout stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a promising young hockey star, who through some poor decision making and a curve-ball from fate, is critically injured in a car accident that cuts his career short and sends him on a completely different path. Gordon-Levitt plays Chris, who is relegated to working at a bank as a janitor and dealing with a tremendously limiting head injury that affects his memory. Chris is subsequently lured into a heist plot to rob the bank that he works for. This is a very successful and effective thriller, well worth the effort it takes to seek it out.

Netflix Must Stream of the Week: Image

Kevin Smith’s Clerks is a miracle movie, in that it’s a miracle it got made. It is a ridiculously low-budget comedy that puts all of its faith in that hopes that there is a geeky, raunchy audience looking for a dark comedy filled with brilliant dialogue being delivered by bad actors. Turns out this audience exists and has made Kevin Smith a huge success. Clerks is where it all started. The plot is superfluous, following a Quick Stop employee who has to go in on his day off. It utilizes a “day in the life” format as we watch Dante perform menial daily tasks as he interacts with a revolving door of strange characters who populate Smith’s beloved New Jersey. This is a very enjoyable film, and it is fun to go back and see Smith’s cast of favorites in their rookie film. After Clerks, have a geeky Netflix Kevin Smith marathon with Chasing Amy, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and Season 1 of Comic Book Men.