What better way to close the Oscar season than to have The People’s Critic’s name in print!  In a local Oscar contest sponsored by MJR Cinemas and the Livingston County Daily Press & Argus, The People’s Critic emerged victorious landing the top prize!  The story can be read here.

Additionally, not only did The People’s Critic correctly predict all six of the major awards, but the popular four-part series of predictions posted weekly throughout February correctly named the winner in 16 of the 24 total categories!  2012 was certainly a terrific year for movies and has set high expectations for 2013.

However, before we close the door on the Oscars for another year, a word about the telecast of the awards.  Regardless of some surprisingly harsh criticism towards Seth MacFarlane, I found the Academy Award ceremony to be one of the most entertaining telecasts in recent years.  The skits were clever, the musical numbers were top notch, the awards were given out swiftly even with the show going long, and at the end of the night – movies were celebrated.  MacFarlane proved to be a very poised, prepared, and talented host.  His brand of humor has always been antagonistic, but he tempered it down just enough to be acceptable while not seeming unauthentic.  I would go as far as to say MacFarlane shows the potential to be today’s Bob Hope or Johnny Carson!  He took on one of the most speculated jobs in entertainment and hit a home run.

With that being said, stay tuned for more great reviews as we move into the Spring movie season!  Thanks for reading and continue to spread the word about The People’s Critic!