Brew and ViewTonight’s Brew and View is approached with a heavy heart as The People’s Critic joins with Pantheon Brewing Co. to honor a man who has claimed his own spot in the pantheon of comedy: Robin Williams. The People’s Critic’s choice for this week’s view is “Good Will Hunting,” which contains Williams’s most acclaimed performance. Pantheon Brewing Company’s founder, Michael Kaplan feels the best pairing for this film would be Harpoon Leviathan IPA by a local Boston brewery, Harpoon Brewing. Up front, this beer is big and bold and full of flavor and life, like Robin himself. This Imperial IPA is brewed with loads of pale malt and just enough caramel malt to provide a sweet malt backbone to balance the hop intensity. This is a difficult balance to strike, much like the balance Williams displayed in being a comic genius while at the same time winning an Oscar as a dramatic actor. The finish is dry and the bitterness is smooth but it lingers. The People’s Critic and Pantheon Brewing Co. feel that this loss will linger on our tongues for awhile too. We understand that a “brew and view” may not be the most appropriate way to eulogize this particular figure, but humbly affirm that our hearts and “spirits” are in the right place. Happy Friday!

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