2015 Oscar Dinner Menu

oscar-dinnerOscar’s Menu 2015
(In Theory, it’s Everything you could want)

Imitation (Game) crabmeat salad with a Batch of Benedict cu-Cumbers
Robert Duvall-ed eggs

Meryl’s chicken Streeps (it’s a very tasty Bird, man!)
Sausage Link-laters
Markaroni and Cheese topped with Ruffalo-ed bread crumbs, American (Sniper) Cheese and a side of Steve Carelery

Moore Julienne Fries
Grand ButterPest Biscuits

A Ton of Michael’s Kea- lime pie with Heathen Hawke-bar ice cream, topped with Emma’s M’s
Eddie’s Mayne red velvet cake topped with Lashes of ‘Whip’ cream and a Witherspoon of Reese’s Pieces

Aperitifs and Beverages
Bradley Coopercinos
Wes Canned-beerson bottles of Bennett Miller Lites