2015 Oscar Predictions

Interior of a Movie TheaterThe 87th Annual Academy Awards will air on ABC Sunday, February 22nd, and The People’s Critic has assembled his list of 2015 Oscar Predictions for all 24 categories!  Visit my Awards Spotlight Page for links to Oscar Predictions past and present as well as a link to the highly anticipated 2015 Oscar Dinner Menu.  So grab a plate of Meryl’s Chicken Streeps and check out my predictions for the 2015 Oscar winners!

Awards Spotlight
2015 Oscar Predictions
2015 Oscar Dinner Menu

5 Replies to “2015 Oscar Predictions”

    1. Not “no chance,” and if I made a ‘should win’ pick, it would be Grand Budapest Hotel. I just have a feeling that if Boyhood takes Editing, it will take Picture too.

      1. I hear you there on ALL accounts. I consider myself a big Wes Anderson fan and I think Grand Budapest is his masterpiece…(Love Royal Tenenbaums though)

      2. Thanks! Tenenbaums is phenomenal. “Anybody interested in grabbing a couple of burgers and hitting the cemetery?” Royal’s dialogue was Anderson’s best but M. Gustave’s his best character.

      3. Agreed! Hands down one of the most interesting characters written in years. And hilarious to boot, by beating able to talk of such serious topics, while having integrity as well. Great creation.

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