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2016 Oscar’s Menu


2016 Oscar Menu:
(It’s a Mad Maximum of Food, so save some “Room”)


Crackers with Brie (Larson) cheese


Tom’s Hardy portions of Bridge of “Spiesy” Chicken Strips with Rooney’s Mara-nara Sauce

Markaroni and Cheese topped with Ruffalo-ed bread crumbs

Jennifer’s Quiche Lawraince


Salad with Cate’s Blanchett almonds and a Spot of Light dressing


#OscarsSoWhite chocolate chip Inside Out cookies

Brooklyn, NY-Style Cheesecake

Big Short Cakes with Eddie’s Mayne red berries

Aperitifs and Beverages

Leonardo Di Cappuccinos

Revenan-tinis with Bryan’s Cranstonberries and Marsh-ian-mallows

George’s Miller Lites and Select bottles of Kate’s Wineslet

Sparkling water on the (Chris) Rocks


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