Info-graphic courtesy of Stephanie Miller, Head of Student Relations at Study Soup, LLC.
Awards season is finally heading towards its climactic finale, with the 88th annual Academy Awards! Nearly all of the important cinematic achievement awards have been given out for the films released in 2015. As the Academy’s final voters submit their ballots, the race still seems relatively wide open. If you examine the data from the PGA, WGA, BAFTA, and other key awards, this year’s winners may be some of the toughest to predict.  And since making the most accurate predictions is often based on collecting and analyzing data, here’s an interesting tidbit for you to ponder before you delve into making your final selections.  A writer and self-proclaimed movie buff recently contacted me regarding some research she’s been doing.  She posed an interesting question regarding whether there is any intersection or correlation between winning an Oscar and where one spent his or her post-secondary education (see info-graphic above).  We often expect great minds for business or science to come from certain schools, but not so much in the realm of entertainment.  The results are rather fascinating in that a trend may actually be emerging; one that that incidentally makes Leo’s win this year even more of a sure thing.  Thus, it may behoove you to read Stephanie Miller’s full article, “Where Students Dream in Gold: The Top Ten Schools with Oscar Winners” as well as preview The People’s Critic’s Official Oscar Predictions before you make your own predictions (which you can do on the ballot below)!

The awards air live on ABC Sunday, February 28th at 8:00 PM ET.  Now that you’re fully informed, show what you know by predicting who you think the big winners will be!  Enter your predictions on all 24 categories, and then see how your results compare to how everyone else voted on the big night.  Good luck and enjoy!