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2017 Oscar Dinner Menu

(Plan on an early Arrival, or you may miss a Fantastic Feast)


Suicide Squash Soup

Deepwater “The” Lobster Salad on Crackers
(It’s Imitation Game, if it tastes Strange, Doctor)


Meryl’s Chicken Streeps (never over-rated!)

La La Lamb

Damien Chaz-elbow Macaroni with A-fleck of Casey’s Mancheddar by the Sea


Hell or High Watermelon with Straw-Barry Jenkins & Denzel’s Washington Apples

Hail, Caesar! Salad with Andrew’s Gar-field greens

My Life as a Zucchini Bread


Oatmeal Cookies (with Hidden Figs)

A Lion’s share of HackStrawBerry Cheesecake, (Mahershala) “Ali” Mode (Emma’s “Cold” Stone Ice Cream, of course). 

Aperitifs and Beverages

Natalie’s Port Wine

Moon-light Beer

And Nicole’s Kid-Wine (for Rosalie)


2017 Oscar menu (.pdf) ©ThePeoplesCritic

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