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2018 Oscar Dinner Menu

(This year’s Feast will be a Beauty worth Getting Out for)


Tortillo del Queso

Sam’s Shrimp RockTail


Chef Molly’s Game tonight is:
Meryl’s Chicken Streeps (a true Lady Bird!)

Frances “Mac” Dorm-and-“Cheese”

Salad & Bread

The Shape of Watermelon Salad w/ Christopher’s Plums and Denzel’s Washington Apples, Jordan Peeled, of course

Three Breadboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
featuring Phantom Bread


Jimmy’s Kimbles and Bits Puppy Chow

Paul Thomas Ander-Sundaes with Timothée’s Brownies Cha-la mode

Aperitifs and Beverages

Dun-Kirkland Wine & Dunk(irk)in’ Donuts Coffee w/  Daniel’s Kahlua

Get Stout

Blade Rummers

Hot Coco w/ Margot-Mallows

And a Champagne Post!



2018 Oscar menu (.pdf) ©ThePeoplesCritic

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