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2019 Oscar Dinner Menu

Join us for an evening 2 Incredibles to miss!


Sam’s Shrimp RockTail

Ruth’s Ginsberger Sliders

Salad & Bread

The Salad of Buster Scruggs:
Christian Kale and Mixed Green(Book)s, Roma Tomatoes, and Breadly Croutons

No Host Garlic Toast


If Beale Street Could Squawk:
A Pan(ther) of Blackened Chicken Parmesan w/ Marina(ra) de Tavira Sauce

Served with:
A Star is Corn & Adam’s McKayroni and Cheese


Infinity Bars
GaGobs of Lady Fingers, Mahersh-a-la-mode with Emma’s Favourite “Cold” Stone Vice Cream & Bohemian Raspberries

Aperitifs and Beverages from the Lobby Bar

Bradley Cooperchinos

Can You Ever Forgive Tea

Spiked LeeMonade served in Free (Han) Solo Cups

Vino Mortensen


2019 Oscar Dinner Menu (.pdf) ©ThePeoplesCritic

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