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Oscar Dinner Menu 2014

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Every year my family gets together to watch the Oscars.  The telecast is an important event, but even more important is what food we will have to accompany the cinematic year that was.  Painstaking efforts are taken to arrange a menu that is both distinguished and delicious!  So now, I give you the…

2014 Oscar’s Dinner Menu

Martinis Scorsee
Captain Phillips’s Spiced Rum
Bradley Coopercinos
12 Beers a Slave

Hors d’oeuvres
Dallas Buyers Club Crackers w/ Jennifer Lorraine(ce) Cheese and American “Hustle” Cheese
Swedish Philo-Meata Balls

Salad and Bread
Ellen De-generous Servings of Salad w/ Cate Blanchette Almonds and Wolf of Walnuts
French Breadly Cooper

Meryl’s Chicken Streeps with Blue Jasmine Rice
Steve Mac (and Cheese) Queen

12 Ears of Nebraska Corn w/ Butt-Her Sauce
Potatoes au Gravity

DiCaprioatmeal Cookies
Alexander’s Paynefully Delicious Ice Cream Sundaes w/ Her-shey Syrup

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4 thoughts on “Oscar Dinner Menu 2014

  1. Personally, I am looking forward to the DiCaprioatmeal cookies with Captain Phillips Spiced Rum the most!! 🙂

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