The Bourne Legacy

Bourne Legacy Primer

ImageThe key question for this film is “Can Jeremy Renner cut it?”  The answer is a sensational “Yes!”  Tony Gilroy takes the reins from Paul Greengrass who directed the previous two films.  Ironically, Gilroy’s film seems to be inspired more by Doug Liman’s film, The Bourne Identity than either of the two recent entries in the series.  Unlike Greengrass’s kinetically charged pair of films, Gilroy slows things down a little bit and gets back basics with an in depth expose on all of these CIA programs that have been plaguing Jason Bourne since he was dragged out of the water in 2002.  Aaron Cross (Renner) is being victimized this time as we are given a little more transparency on how these genetically altered agents are trained, conditioned, and dropped in various places throughout the world. 

The plot is complicated, as expected.  Many of the events, operations, and characters from previous films are shown and referenced often, at times at a lightening quick rate.  I

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