About The People’s Critic

The People’s Critic is also known by the name, Jason Kane.  He lives in Brighton, Michigan and is married.   He taught high school English for 10 years before joining Schoolcraft College as an Instructional Designer.  He loves movies, and he loves the ocean; however, movies about the ocean are hit and miss; The Abyss was cool.  He likes golf, but understands that it is a sport that can bring out the absolute worst in anyone.  He is an avid reader and has started and abruptly stopped writing a book many, many times.  He hopes to one day follow through with one.  He also enjoys traveling with his beautiful wife Jeanette and his two children, and has been to many remarkable places, but is very content with visiting unremarkable destinations.Shakespeare and Co

7 thoughts on “About The People’s Critic

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  1. These are amazing reviews mr kane every monday i come here to see if u made a new review and good luck in fantasy football

      1. Im 5-2 and 3-4 so im ok right now but ur team will get better i started 0-2 and now im 5-2

  2. Jason,

    Thanks for sharing your webpage. I really like the reviews and the comments. I also like the site’s design. I have this bookmarked and will return again soon.

    Art Lindenberg

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