Brew and ViewLabor Day weekend. To some, it is the annual celebration of the American Labor movement. To others, it is a welcomed break from the daily grind during the dog days of summer. To most, it means Back to School! While a good film exists for each of these circumstances, my recommendation as a teacher lands on the latter. So for this week’s Brew and View, my recommendation is Back to School starring the incomparable Rodney Dangerfield. For this film, Pantheon Brewing Co selects Bells’ Oberon. Much like Thornton Melon himself, Oberon is beloved by so many. Growing up, this time of year was filled with excitement, trepidation and a little bit of melancholy that the freedom of summer was ending. We taste that in the bottled sunshine and carefree attitude that accompanies every taste of this refreshing wheat beer. The orange zest is much like Sally Kellerman’s role as Dr. Diane Turner. She is love, passion and everything right about the power of the written word. She is refreshing and lively, especially set in juxtaposition to Paxton Whitehead’s portrait of the uptight Dr. Barbay, intent on the demise of our fun-loving protagonist. And come on, who doesn’t love Robert Downey Jr. heckling divers?! As adults, we accept the fact that summer must end. This is true for “Oberon Season” as well. With that in mind, grab some Bell’s and cherish the last remaining rays of Helios’s golden smile. And if you’re feeling especially daring, try your hand at a Triple Lindy. You may just get some respect.